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Lichen Striatus Workup

  • Author: June Kim, MD; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
Updated: Mar 07, 2016


Skin biopsy can be performed to confirm the diagnosis of lichen striatus, but this is rarely necessary.

In ambiguous cases, direct immunofluorescence with staining for Civatte bodies has been proposed to distinguish between lichen planus and lichen striatus. Stains for immunoglobulin M, immunoglobulin G, and complement C3 are positive in lichen planus and negative in lichen striatus.


Histologic Findings

The histopathologic results vary depending on the stage of evolution. Often, a polymorphic epidermal reaction pattern with variable spongiotic and lichenoid changes is seen in lichen striatus. However, unlike lichen planus, lichen striatus may result in a dense, usually perivascular, lymphohistiocytic infiltrate that extends deep into the dermis and that surrounds the hair follicles and eccrine sweat glands and ducts. Lymphoid infiltrates in the eccrine coil may mimic lupus, and the dense interface dermatitis may mimic mycosis fungoides.[31] Granulomatous inflammation may also be present.

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Extensive unilateral lichen striatus that affects both the upper and lower extremities. Grouped keratotic lichenoid papules form plaques over the leg.
Lichen striatus over the inner thigh.
Hypopigmented lichen striatus over the leg.
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