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Surgery for Morton Neuroma Workup

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Updated: Nov 03, 2015

Imaging Studies

A large body of literature addresses the use of imaging modalities to aid in the diagnosis of Morton neuroma.[8] The condition is most commonly diagnosed based strictly upon the history and physical examination findings. In equivocal cases, the use of ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or both may be helpful.[9, 10, 11, 12]

Standing radiographs are helpful for evaluation of overall osseous structure and joint abnormalities.

The skill of the technologists and physicians performing and interpreting MRIs or ultrasounds plays a key role in determining just how valuable these modalities can be in clinical practice.

The ultrasound appearance is typically that of a hypoechoic oblong mass oriented along the long axis of the foot. Prospective studies in symptomatic patients reveal that ultrasound can be used reliably to detect the neuromas.[8, 13] Furthermore, they can be helpful in identifying contributing pathologic lesions, such as lipomas or bursae.[14] Nonetheless, in a small series of asymptomatic patients, 26 (54%) of 48 of the individuals had ultrasonographic enlargement of an interdigital nerve of greater than 5 mm.[12] This finding emphasizes the importance of history and clinical examination and the risk of false positives.

MRI technology and applications continue to evolve and can provide reliable information regarding the pathoanatomy of the forefoot.[15] The characteristic MRI findings of a Morton neuroma are low intensity on T1- and T2-weighted sequences due to the high degree of fibrous content. In contrast, an intermetatarsal bursa is associated with increased intensity on the T2-weighted images due to its fluid content.[16] MRI with gadolinium contrast enhancement and with fat suppression probably provides the most reliable images for diagnosis.[17]


Other Tests

Electrodiagnostic testing has been described to aid in diagnosis, but its use is not common, and its utility has yet to be determined.[18, 19]


Diagnostic Procedures

An injection of local anesthetic with sterile technique may be useful in the diagnostic evaluation of Morton neuroma.[20] The temporary resolution of pain, paresthesias, or both in response to the injection may confirm the location of the pathology. A positive response to the injection tends to be predictive of satisfactory postsurgical outcomes.


Histologic Findings

See Pathophysiology.

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Plantar view showing the relationships between the metatarsal heads, the intermetatarsal ligament, and the neuroma.
This image demonstrates the key provocative physical examination maneuver: simultaneous forefoot compression coupled with intermetatarsal space compression.
The histopathology reveals nerve fibers and pacinian corpuscles entrapped within fibromyxoid connective tissue.
Dorsal incision.
Superficial exposure.
Deeper dissection.
Neuroma and adherent fibrofatty tissue.
Distal plantar transverse incision.
Plantar longitudinal incision.
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