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Fixed Drug Eruptions Differential Diagnoses

  • Author: David F Butler, MD; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
Updated: Mar 22, 2016
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Targetoid fixed drug eruption on the abdomen of a child.
Hyperpigmented fixed drug eruption on the hip of an adult.
Vesicular fixed drug eruption on the glans penis.
Multiple hyperpigmented fixed drug eruptions on the trunk.
Hyperpigmented fixed drug eruption on the right side of the upper lip.
Acute interface dermatitis with prominent vacuolar change and individual necrotic keratinocytes within the epidermis (X10).
Interface dermatitis, vacuolar change, necrotic keratinocytes, and incontinent pigment in the dermis (X40).
Table. Substances Implicated in Fixed Drug Eruptions
AcetaminophenAcyclovirAllopurinolAllylisopropyl-acetylureaAmide local anesthetics
AtenololBarbituratesBotulinum toxinCarbamazepineCashew nut
CeftriaxoneCelecoxibCetirizineChloral hydrateChlordiazepoxide
ChlorhexidineChlormezanoneChlorphenesin carbonateCiticolineClarithromycin
Cyproterone acetateDextromethorphanDimenhydrinateDiphenhydramineDipyrone
DocetaxelEperisone hydrochlorideErythromycinEthenzamideFeprazone
Iodinated radiography contrast mediaIomeprolKakkonKetoconazoleLactose


LormetazepamMagnesium trisilicateMefenamic acidMelatoninMethaqualone
NaproxenNimesulideOmeprazoleOndansetronOpium alkaloids
OxyphenbutazonePaclitaxelPamabromPapaverinePara-aminosalicylic acid
PhenylpropanolaminePhenytoinPipemidic acidPiroxicamProcarbazine
Sodium benzoateStrawberriesSulfamethoxazoleTartrazineTerbinafine
Tolfenamic acidTosufloxacinTranexamic acidTrimethoprimTropisetron
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