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Fingertip Injuries Clinical Presentation

  • Author: Glen Vaughn, MD; Chief Editor: Trevor John Mills, MD, MPH  more...
Updated: Sep 23, 2015


Ascertain the following information when gathering patient history:

  • Mechanism of injury
  • Hand dominance
  • Occupation and hobbies
  • Length of time since injury
  • Tetanus immunization status


Evaluate the fingertip injury to determine the following:[2]

  • Crush versus sharp injuries
  • Nail or nail bed involvement
  • Bone involvement
  • Viability of tip
  • Presence of foreign body
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Significant nailbed injuries can occur from nail root avulsions.
Removal of the nail plate with iris scissors.
Suturing of a nailbed laceration.
Sutured nailbed injury.
U-stitch method of securing the nail plate.
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