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  • Case: Age 76, Acute Abdominal Pain? An elderly man presents with sudden-onset abdominal pain in the epigastrium that is described as deep and burning. Hyperactive bowel sounds are heard on auscultation. What is the diagnosis?
  • Hyperthyroidism Comparing endoscopic with conventional open thyroidectomy, the endoscopic technique may offer better cosmetic satisfaction and less blood loss, but open surgery is associated with reduced operation time.
  • Quiz: Seizures The clinical spectrum of seizures includes simple and complex focal or partial seizures and generalized seizures. What do you know about seizures and their causes? Test yourself with this short quiz.
  • Lateral Epicondylitis Surgery Ultrasound-guided percutaneous tenotomy is a promising less invasive option for the treatment of lateral epicondylitis.
  • Case: Age 42, Chronic Leg & Back Pain? A 42-year-old woman presents with a history of chronic leg and lower back pain lasting several years. A CT scan reveals unexpected findings. Can you make the diagnosis?
  • Transbronchial Biopsy The use of a dual-bronchoscope approach, with one scope for cryobiopsy and a second with a balloon-tip catheter, can help prevent pneumothorax and massive bleeding in transbronchial biopsy.