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Leukocytosis Follow-up

  • Author: Susumu Inoue, MD; Chief Editor: Robert J Arceci, MD, PhD  more...
Updated: Jul 10, 2015


Prognosis totally depends on the underlying etiologies.

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WBC counts.
Table. Normal Leukocyte Counts
  Total Leukocytes* Lymphocytes Neutrophils Monocytes Eosinophils
Age MeanRange MeanRange% MeanRange% Mean% Mean%
Birth ...... 4.22-7.3... 42-6... 0.6... 0.1...
12 h ...... 4.22-7.3... 117.8-14.5... 0.6... 0.1...
24 h ...... 4.22-7.3... 97-12... 0.6... 0.1...
1-4 wk ...... 5.62.9-9.1... 3.61.8-5.4... 0.7... 0.2...
6 mo 11.96-17.5 7.34-13.561 3.81-8.532 0.65 0.33
1 y 11.46-17.5 7.04-10.561 3.51.5-8.531 0.65 0.33
2 y 10.66-17 6.33-9.559 3.51.5-8.533 0.55 0.33
4 y 9.15.5-15.5 4.52-850 3.81.5-8.542 0.55 0.33
6 y 8.55-14.5 3.51.5-742 4.31.5-851 0.45 0.23
8 y 8.34.5-13.5 3.31.5-6.839 4.41.5-853 0.44 0.22
10 y 8.14.5-13.5 3.11.5-6.538 4.41.8-854 0.44 0.22
16 y 7.84.5-13 2.81.2-5.235 4.41.8-857 0.45 0.23
21 y 7.44.5-11 2.51-4.834 4.41.8-7.759 0.34 0.23

* Numbers of leukocytes are in X 109 \L or thousands per μ L; ranges are estimates of 95% confidence limits; and percentages refer to differential counts.

Neutrophils include band cells at all ages and a small number of metamyelocytes and myelocytes in the first few days of life.

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