Pulp Polyp Treatment & Management

Updated: Dec 13, 2020
  • Author: Catherine M Flaitz, DDS, MS; Chief Editor: Anil P Punjabi, MD, DDS  more...
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Medical Care

Treatment of a pulp polyp in a permanent tooth includes either root canal therapy or extraction of the tooth. The more conservative pulpotomy treatment has been successful in selected cases when only the coronal pulp is affected.

In immature teeth with incomplete root development, placement of an apical barrier and strengthening of the thin root with composite resin may be indicated prior to root canal treatment.

Pulp revascularization of an immature permanent tooth is another new treatment approach that results in the formation of vital pulpal tissue. [1]

The tooth requires a full-coverage crown following endodontic therapy.

Prior to extensive restorative treatment, the risks and benefits of this treatment, including the long-term prognosis of the affected tooth in a young child, need to be thoroughly explained.

Systemic medications are not recommended for the management of a pulp polyp. Antibiotics are not prescribed for the treatment of the pulp polyp, despite a bacterial component. However, an antibiotic paste mixture is used within the canals of the infected tooth when the revascularization process is performed for the treatment of the nonvital tooth.


Surgical Care

The affected tooth is extracted when primary teeth are involved or when minimal tooth structure in permanent teeth is available for restoration or the alveolar bone support is unfavorable.

A surgical crown lengthening procedure may be needed to prepare a tooth for a full-coverage crown.

Healing is uneventful in most cases.

Further outpatient care

Periodic dental examinations are recommended to monitor the success of root canal therapy or to intercept problems associated with the premature loss of a tooth. Orthodontic treatment may be needed to restore the occlusion.

If a tooth is extracted, either a dental implant or fixed dental prosthesis (bridge) is a treatment option to restore function and aesthetics.