Pulp Polyp Treatment & Management

Updated: Apr 30, 2014
  • Author: Catherine M Flaitz, MS, DDS; Chief Editor: Arlen D Meyers, MD, MBA  more...
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Medical Care

See the list below:

  • Treatment of a pulp polyp in a permanent tooth includes either root canal therapy or extraction of the tooth.

  • The more conservative pulpotomy treatment has been successful in selected cases when only the coronal pulp is affected.

  • In immature teeth with incomplete root development, placement of an apical barrier and strengthening of the thin root with composite resin may be indicated prior to root canal treatment.

  • Pulp revascularization of an immature permanent tooth is another new treatment approach that results in the formation of vital pulpal tissue. [5]

  • The tooth requires a full-coverage crown following endodontic therapy.

  • Prior to extensive restorative treatment, the risks and benefits of this treatment, including the long-term prognosis of the affected tooth in a young child, needs to be thoroughly explained.


Surgical Care

See the list below:

  • The affected tooth is extracted when primary teeth are involved or when minimal tooth structure in permanent teeth is available for restoration or the alveolar bone support is unfavorable.

  • A surgical crown lengthening procedure may be needed to prepare a tooth for a full-coverage crown.

  • Healing is uneventful in most cases.