Subcutaneous Fat Necrosis of the Newborn Medication

Updated: May 15, 2018
  • Author: Sungat K Grewal; Chief Editor: William D James, MD  more...
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Medication Summary

The goals of pharmacotherapy are to reduce morbidity and prevent complications.



Class Summary

Calcium-wasting diuretics are used to treat hypercalcemia.

Furosemide (Lasix)

Furosemide increases excretion of calcium through diuresis. Furosemide increases the excretion of water by interfering with the chloride-binding co-transport system, which, in turn, inhibits sodium and chloride reabsorption in the ascending loop of Henle and distal renal tubule. It causes increased excretion of water, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and calcium.



Class Summary

Prednisone interferes with the conversion of vitamin D to its active form in the subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn granulomas and, thus, may be used to treat hypercalcemia.

Prednisone (Deltasone)

Prednisone may decrease inflammation by suppressing polymorphonuclear cell (PMN) activity, decreasing mediators of inflammation such as interleukins, and reversing increased capillary permeability.