Nail-Patella Syndrome Treatment & Management

Updated: Sep 20, 2022
  • Author: Anna Choczaj-Kukula, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
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Surgical Care

More than 90% of individuals with nail-patella syndrome (NPS) have patellar involvement resulting in a wide range of patellofemoral complaints.

Congenital permanent dislocation of the patella (CPDP) should be treated with surgical procedures. [113, 114] Preferably, orthopaedic correction should be performed when the patient is aged approximately 2-3 years to prevent secondary deformities and growth-related disability.

The aim of orthopedic surgery should be correction of the underlying pathology with resection of the synovial band and an additional realignment of the patella by recentering of the quadriceps muscle. Good clinical results have been reported. [76]

There have been reports of total knee arthroplasty in patients with NPS. [115, 116, 117]

In mature patients, milder forms of the disease can be treated with nonoperative measures, but many affected adults require knee surgery, including patellofemoral ligament reconstruction, tibial tuberosity transposition, patellofemoral arthroplasty, and total knee arthroplasty. [3, 5]