Granuloma Gluteale Infantum Medication

Updated: May 27, 2021
  • Author: Marlene T Dytoc, MD, PhD, FRCPC; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
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Medication Summary

The goals of pharmacotherapy are to reduce morbidity and to prevent complications. Some of the treatments used include barrier products, intralesional corticosteroids, and flurandrenolide-impregnated tape. [17]



Class Summary

These agents are the treatment of choice. Protective or preventive measures include barrier products to seal the skin from exogenous factors, such as urine, feces, and other external irritants, which may predispose an individual to granuloma gluteale.

Zinc oxide topical (Aveeno Baby Organic Harvest Diaper Rash Cream, Desitin, Desitin Creamy)

Zinc oxide is a skin protectant generally used to prevent and treat diaper rash. Use 15% ointment or 25% paste.



Class Summary

Intralesional administration is indicated to treat localized hypertrophic, infiltrated inflammatory lesions. Granuloma gluteale infantum, granuloma gluteale adultorum, and diaper area granuloma of the aged fit into this category of lesions. Flurandrenolide-impregnated tape, which combines a barrier with an anti-inflammatory action, has been reported to be beneficial.

Triamcinolone (Kenalog-10)

Triamcinolone is for inflammatory dermatosis responsive to steroids; it decreases inflammation by suppressing the migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and reversing capillary permeability. Intramuscular injections may be used for widespread skin disorders or intralesional injections may be used for localized skin disorders.

Each mL of sterile, aqueous suspension contains triamcinolone acetonide 10 mg. Nonmedicinal ingredients include benzyl alcohol, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, hydrochloric acid, polysorbate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, and water. It is suspended in sterile sodium chloride solution at a final concentration of 2.5-5 mg/mL.

Flurandrenolide (Cordran tape)

Flurandrenolide is a topical anti-inflammatory agent supplied as a 4 mcg/cm2 topical adhesive tape. Despite the possible causative role of topical corticosteroids in some cases of granuloma gluteale infantum, various hypertrophic lesions have been effectively thinned in 3 days with the use of this treatment.