Pseudoatrophoderma Colli Medication

Updated: Jun 01, 2022
  • Author: Anna Choczaj-Kukula, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
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Class Summary

These agents are used for symptomatic relief of dry scaling skin and for exfoliation.

Ammonium lactate 12% (Lac-Hydrin, AmLactin)

This is an alpha-hydroxy acid and a normal constituent of tissues and blood. It is believed to act as a humectant when applied to the skin. This may influence hydration of the stratum corneum. In addition, when applied to the skin, it may act to decrease corneocyte cohesion. The mechanisms by which this is accomplished are not yet known. It relieves itching and aids healing of skin in mild eczemas and dermatoses, itching skin, minor wounds, and minor skin irritations. It is found in a variety of topical emollient lotions. Ammonium lactate 5% lotion is available over the counter, and lactic acid 12% cream and lotion are available by prescription.