Balanoposthitis Treatment & Management

Updated: Oct 05, 2020
  • Author: Vladimir O Osipov, MD; Chief Editor: Dirk M Elston, MD  more...
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Medical Care

Topical antibiotics (metronidazole cream) and antifungals (clotrimazole cream) or low-potency steroid creams for contact dermatitides often lead to clearing of the lesion. [39, 40, 41]

Proper hygiene with frequent washing and drying of the prepuce is an essential preventive measure.

Topical applications of "water of the 3 sulfates" (copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, and alum) have been reported as effective. [42]

Consensus-based guidelines of care are available. [43]


Surgical Care

Circumcision or preputioplasty may be advocated in recurrent and recalcitrant cases. [44]



Prevention has centered on improved hygiene of the prepuce. Although circumcision has been advocated for refractory or recurrent cases, this is now primarily used if improved drying and hygiene are not effective. Several authors have proposed that circumcision may protect against balanoposthitis and common penile infections. [23, 24]