Radial Mononeuropathy Workup

Updated: Jun 14, 2018
  • Author: Wayne E Anderson, DO, FAHS, FAAN; Chief Editor: Nicholas Lorenzo, MD, MHA, CPE  more...
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Imaging Studies

See the list below:

  • A recent study showed that ultrasound examination can localize radial neuropathy more rapidly than standard electrophysiological testing. [9, 10] Visualization of the superficial radial nerve with high-resolution sonography has recently been reported. [11, 12]

  • Occasionally, imaging of the elbow region or the humeral area is indicated to determine if any mass or bony lesions are compressing the nerve. Plain radiographs may show bony causes of compression, such as fractures, dislocations, callus formations, or osteophytes. MRI is particularly helpful for soft tissue evaluation and more direct imaging of the nerve. [6]


Other Tests

Nerve conduction studies and needle electromyography (EMG) are essential for specific localization and to rule out a more generalized process.