Plateau Iris Glaucoma Medication

Updated: May 06, 2016
  • Author: Jim C Wang (王崇安), MD; Chief Editor: Hampton Roy, Sr, MD  more...
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Medication Summary

Treatment of plateau iris is primarily surgical. However, in patients whose anterior chamber angles remain occludable after properly performed iridotomy and laser peripheral iridoplasty, miotic therapy may be used to prevent angle closure.



Class Summary

Miotic agents cause the pupillary sphincter to contract, mechanically pulling the iris away from the trabecular meshwork and opening the anterior chamber angle. In addition, these agents also have an IOP-lowering effect by stimulating contraction of the ciliary muscle and thereby increasing trabecular outflow of aqueous humor. Induced myopia, pupillary constriction, brow ache, and retinal detachment are potential adverse effects of this therapy.

Pilocarpine ophthalmic (Pilocar, Piloptic, Pilostat, Akarpine, Ocusert Pilo-40)

Commercially available as an ophthalmic solution, daily dosing gel, and sustained-release membranes (Ocusert). The symptoms of induced myopia and miosis are best tolerated with the sustained-release Ocusert.