Clostridioides (Clostridium) Difficile Colitis Differential Diagnoses

Updated: Jun 07, 2023
  • Author: Faten N Aberra, MD, MSCE; Chief Editor: BS Anand, MD  more...
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Diagnostic Considerations

Although C difficile infection (CDI) is a well-recognized cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhea, other infectious (eg, salmonellosis, shigellosis) and noninfectious causes for diarrhea should also be considered.

C difficile colitis should be considered in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Patients with IBD have several risk factors that put them at an increased risk for CDI, including immune system impairment due to immunomodulator or biologic therapy, exposure to antibiotics, and frequent hospitalizations. The diagnosis of CDI is confirmed when the cytotoxin is present in the patient’s stool sample.

Differential Diagnoses