Acanthamoeba Infection Workup

Updated: Jul 06, 2021
  • Author: Theresa M Fiorito, MD, MS, FAAP, CTH®; Chief Editor: Pranatharthi Haran Chandrasekar, MBBS, MD  more...
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Histologic Findings

In keratitis, amebic cysts and trophozoites are found within the cornea. An acute or mixed inflammatory infiltrate may contain giant cells. Corneal revascularization may occur.

Individuals with GAE have moderate-to-severe cerebral edema. Necrotizing granulomas that contain perivascular trophozoites and cysts are usually located in the cerebellum, mid brain, and brain stem. Multinucleated giant cells may be present within the granulomas. Granulomas are usually noted among immunocompetent patients. On biopsy specimens, angiitis with perivascular cuffing with lymphocytes may be seen. The leptomeninges are spared except when they directly overlie areas of cortical involvement.


Other Tests

Based on animal models, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing appears to be a promising method of rapid keratitis diagnosis. [22]