Frankel Grade

Updated: Apr 20, 2023
Author: Buck Christensen; Chief Editor: Buck Christensen 

Frankel Grade

The Frankel Grade classification provides an assessment of spinal cord function and is used as a tool in spinal cord injury, as follows[1, 2, 3, 4] :

  • Grade A: Complete neurological injury - No motor or sensory function detected below level of lesion

  • Grade B: Preserved sensation only - No motor function detected below level of lesion, some sensory function below level of lesion preserved

  • Grade C: Preserved motor, nonfunctional - Some voluntary motor function preserved below level of lesion but too weak to serve any useful purpose, sensation may or may not be preserved

  • Grade D: Preserved motor, functional - Functionally useful voluntary motor function below level of injury is preserved

  • Grade E: Normal motor function - Normal motor and sensory function below level of lesion, abnormal reflexes may persist