California Encephalitis Differential Diagnoses

Updated: May 14, 2021
  • Author: Folusakin O Ayoade, MD; Chief Editor: Michael Stuart Bronze, MD  more...
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Diagnostic Considerations

California encephalitis should be high on the differential diagnosis list in (1) patients who live in or have recently traveled to an endemic area and in (2) patients with a history of exposure with fever, change in mental status, headache, or seizure.

Conditions to consider in the differential diagnosis of California encephalitis include the following:

  • Other arbovirus encephalitides [6]

  • Herpes simplex encephalitis

  • Varicella zoster encephalitis

  • Powassan virus encephalitis

  • Bacterial, tuberculous, or fungal meningitis

  • Carcinomatous meningitis

  • CNS vasculitis

  • Aseptic meningitis

Differential Diagnoses