Cervicitis Differential Diagnoses

Updated: Feb 15, 2022
  • Author: Arthur T Ollendorff, MD; Chief Editor: Nicole W Karjane, MD  more...
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Diagnostic Considerations

Screen for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly C trachomatis and N gonorrhoeae, in patients who present with symptoms of an STI. In high-risk patients, consider screening for HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis B.

Consider also the possibility of a retained foreign body (eg, tampon, condom), or, in a young adolescent or child, sexual abuse, and notify the proper authorities if abuse is suspected. Other conditions to consider in the differential diagnosis of cervicitis include the following:

  • Endometritis

  • Nonbacterial cystitis

  • Ectopic pregnancy

  • Trigonitis

  • Adnexal tumors

  • Benign/malignant ovarian lesions

  • Malignant vulvar lesions

  • Uterine cancer

In women of childbearing age, always perform a urine pregnancy test before prescribing any medication.

Differential Diagnoses