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  • Quiz: Syncope Although most causes of syncope are benign, this symptom presages a life-threatening event in some patients. Are you familiar with key aspects? Refresh and test your knowledge with this short quiz.
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome A study reported that in patients with patellofemoral syndrome, employment of an elastomeric knee brace may permit faster return to sport.
  • Case: Age 44, Weakness & Back Pain? A 44-year-old man is evaluated for a 6-month history of progressive bilateral lower extremity numbness and weakness and a 4-year history of back pain. What is the diagnosis?
  • Vesicular Palmoplantar Eczema Recently reported effective treatments for vesicular palmoplantar eczema include alitretinoin and dupilumab.
  • Quiz: Common Rashes Many symptoms of rashes overlap, but identifiable factors for each condition help with diagnosis and treatment. How much do you know about common rashes? Test yourself with this short quiz.
  • Asthma Dupilumab was approved by the FDA for the treatment of asthma (previously approved for atopic dermatitis). It is indicated as an add-on maintenance treatment for moderate-to-severe asthma.