Basal Cell Carcinoma Differential Diagnoses

Updated: Feb 14, 2022
  • Author: Robert S Bader, MD; Chief Editor: Mark S Granick, MD, FACS  more...
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Diagnostic Considerations

Although basal cell carcinoma rarely metastasizes, a tumor can extend beneath the skin to the bone, causing considerable local damage due to tissue destruction. This process leads to an ulcer that is sometimes known as ulcus rodens, or a rodent ulcer.

Other medical problems/issues to consider include the following:

  • Dermatitis
  • Desmoplastic trichoepithelioma
  • Eczema
  • Intradermal nevus
  • Lichenoid benign keratosis
  • Ringworm
  • Fibroepithelioma of Pinkus
  • Adnexal carcinoma (very rare)
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia
  • Nevi malignant melanoma
  • Keratoacanthoma
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Bowen disease
  • Darier disease (keratosis follicularis) [12]
  • Metastatic malignancies

Differential Diagnoses