Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma Differential Diagnoses

Updated: May 13, 2021
  • Author: Anastasios K Konstantakos, MD; Chief Editor: Neetu Radhakrishnan, MD  more...
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Diagnostic Considerations

Differential diagnosis of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) includes thyroid lymphoma, well-differentiated, poorly differentiated thyroid cancer, and metastasis to the thyroid from a solid tumor. The prognosis for thyroid lymphomas is far better than that of ATC. Thyroid lymphomas are responsive to medical treatment and should never be treated surgically, thus, distinguishing this treatable malignancy from ATC is critical. [2]

A study by Wong et al examined oncocytic adrenocortical neoplasms (OANs), which are believed to have a more favorable overall median survival than conventional adrenocortical carcinomas. They are rare, but the study emphasized the importance of recognition. [10]

Differential Diagnoses