Ganser Syndrome Follow-up

Updated: Nov 11, 2015
  • Author: Daniel Schneider, MD, MA; Chief Editor: Eduardo Dunayevich, MD  more...
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Amnesia for events during the syndrome is the most common sequela.


Patient Education

The author of this article does not recommend any of the web sites currently available for patient use. Many have extremely limited and misleading descriptions. Some still identify the disorder as a factitious disorder (which is not necessarily true in all cases and may cause confusion among patients and their families).

If the physician feels that the patient is suffering from a Ganser syndrome, it would be wise to discuss this diagnosis with the patient and family instead of relying on a web site to provide information. However, given that patients and their families are still likely to explore the Internet to learn more about the disorder, the physician may find it useful to explain early on that although some in the past have argued that this is always factitious in origin, we are no longer so certain that this is true in all cases, especially given case reports of patients with dementia or anoxic injuries presenting with this syndrome.