Illness Anxiety Disorder (formerly Hypochondriasis) Workup

Updated: Mar 06, 2018
  • Author: Debra Kahn, MD; Chief Editor: David Bienenfeld, MD  more...
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Laboratory Studies

In patients with hypochondriasis, the abnormal laboratory findings characteristic of the suggested physical disorder are absent.


Other Tests

Screening tools

Screening tools include the following:

  • The Health Anxiety Inventory (HAI) (long version; short version of 14 items, 5 min) reliably distinguishes patients with hypochondriasis from patients with anxiety disorders or healthy controls. [27]

  • The Illness Attitude Scale (29 items, 15 min, English only) is used for detection and to assess severity. [35]

  • The Whitely Index of Hypochondriasis (14 items, 5 min, >14 languages) is used for detection, for rating severity, and for measuring change per interventions. [36]

  • The Somatoform Disorders Symptom Checklist (65 yes-or-no items, 20 min, >5 languages) screens for hypochondriasis, somatization disorder, BDD, and others. [37]