Displaced Tooth Treatment & Management

Updated: Dec 29, 2020
  • Author: Lynnus F Peng, MD; Chief Editor: Anil P Punjabi, MD, DDS  more...
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Emergency Department Care

Provide adequate pain management, tetanus vaccination, and ensure proper follow-up care. [10, 11, 13, 14]

Document arrangements for follow-up care with a dentist.



Consult a dental or oral maxillofacial surgeon for splinting.

Subluxation or extrusion injury

A dentist should adjust and splint. [15]

Intrusion injury

A tooth should be allowed to re-erupt. Dentoalveolar ankylosis of a primary tooth hinders eruption of the succedaneous permanent tooth.

  • Intruded primary teeth: Allow teeth to re-erupt before possible repositioning.

  • Intruded adult teeth: Allow re-eruption then stabilize.


Surgical Care

A study investigated differences in the periodontal outcomes of palatally displaced canines (PDC) exposed with either an open or a closed surgical technique. The study concluded that there is a periodontal impact when a unilateral PDC is exposed and aligned, however, this impact is small and unlikely to have clinical relevance in the short term. [16]