Felon Workup

Updated: Mar 11, 2021
  • Author: Brandon Stein, MD; Chief Editor: Steven C Dronen, MD, FAAEM  more...
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Laboratory Studies

Perform Gram stain and culture on any fluid removed from the wound.


Imaging Studies

Radiographs should be obtained if there is a history of penetration with a radiopaque foreign body, if the history is unclear or if there is concern for underlying bone involvement.

Radiographic evaluation should be performed in severe cases and in immunocompromised patients if there is concern for osteomyelitis, joint involvement or any other concerning symptoms.


Other Tests

Serum tests are generally not indicated.

If there is concern that the patient needs definitive treatment in the operating room or has osteomyelitis, a complete blood count, basic metabolic profile, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and c-reactive protein may be performed. Blood cultures can also be obtained if providing intravenous antibiotics or if there is concern for sepsis.