Cerebral Salt-Wasting Syndrome Medication

Updated: Apr 19, 2022
  • Author: Sudha Garimella, MBBS; Chief Editor: Sasigarn A Bowden, MD, FAAP  more...
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Medication Summary

IV hypertonic saline solutions are employed to correct intravascular volume depletion and hyponatremia and to replace ongoing urinary sodium loss. [3]

As previously mentioned, some clinicians have reported a favorable response to mineralocorticoid therapy in cerebral salt-wasting syndrome (renal salt wasting). Mineralocorticoids, such as fludrocortisone, promote increased sodium reabsorption, as well as potassium loss, from the renal distal tubules.



Class Summary

Mineralocorticoids enhance sodium reabsorption in the kidney by direct action on distal tubule cells, resulting in expanded extracellular fluid volume. They increase renal excretion of potassium and hydrogen ion.


Fludrocortisone promotes the increased reabsorption of sodium and the loss of potassium by the renal distal tubules.