Superior Labrum Lesions Follow-up

Updated: Nov 24, 2021
  • Author: Riley J Williams, III, MD; Chief Editor: Craig C Young, MD  more...
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Return to Play

Most patients with repaired superior labral lesions can expect to return to sport following a 4- to 6-month postoperative rehabilitation period. Overhead athletes, such as swimmers or throwers, may require more dedicated time with physical therapy because the actions for their sports activities require highly conditioned rotator cuff and scapula-stabilizing muscle function.

A study on 34 elite athletes (8 volleyball, 8 football, 7 basketball, 4 tennis, 2 handball, 2 weight lifting, 1 swimming, 1 soccer, 1 arm wresting) by Beyzadeoglu et al found that the majority (88.2%) of professional athletes returned to their preinjury levels following arthroscopic surgery for common shoulder pathologies and SLAP lesions. [47]