Pediatric Cervicitis Clinical Presentation

Updated: Jul 10, 2019
  • Author: Latha Chandran, MD, MPH; Chief Editor: Andrea L Zuckerman, MD  more...
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Elicit the patient's history of sexual activity, number of sexual partners, and type of contraception used (if any). An increased incidence of chlamydial cervicitis in women has been associated with use of oral (PO) contraceptives.

Most patients with cervicitis present with vaginal discharge or intermenstrual vaginal bleeding. Other associated symptoms include dyspareunia and dysuria. Abdominal pain and fever are associated with involvement of the upper genital tract. Patients with mild cervicitis may be asymptomatic, and many patients with chlamydial cervicitis are asymptomatic.


Physical Examination

Upon physical examination, findings in the cervix include the following:

  • Erythematous and inflamed cervix on speculum examination; possible edema of the cervical ectropion may be noted
  • Possible purulent discharge from the cervical os
  • Cervix tender to palpation


Potential complications include the following:

  • Ascending infection
  • Arthritis, rash, or both (from disseminated gonorrhea)