Pediatric Otosclerosis Medication

Updated: Mar 08, 2021
  • Author: Joe Walter Kutz, Jr, MD, FACS; Chief Editor: Ravindhra G Elluru, MD, PhD  more...
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Medication Summary

Sodium fluoride and calcium are the only drugs used in the treatment of otosclerosis; however, because it is typically not apparent until late adolescence, studies in pediatrics have not been pursued.


Mineral and vitamin supplements

Class Summary

Sodium fluoride is thought to mature the active focus of otospongiosis and to limit progression of the disease, especially sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).

Sodium fluoride (Fluoritab, Luride, Pediaflor)

Fluoride is an element essential for the development of healthy teeth and bones.

Vitamin D

Stimulates calcium and phosphate absorption from small intestine and promotes calcium release from bone into blood.

Calcium carbonate (Oystercal)

Used in combination with vitamin D and sodium fluoride.